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thalatta bathers pouch

’70s craze – Flared jeans and scarves

by Xeni Kouveli

70s fashion for Spring 2015


This fashion month, the trend that dominated the runway was a two number and one letter word. 70s, without the apostrophe. So now we know that next fall we will all be wearing flared pants, leather jackets, scarves and hats. But really, who can wait that long? Spring and summer are the best seasons to enjoy the 70’s trend and I am proposing a very simple 70s look for March:

Flared jeans, large sleeved top and a scarf wrapped around your beautiful head. Smiley face. The Wayfarers fit amazingly with scarves and of course a bag is mandatory. Printed. THALATTA. Winking my eye. Add a long necklace and you are good to go.

Happy spring everyone.
Kiss. Kiss.

70s fashion / stylelove ootd

70s fashion / a totem fur elita scarf by loula levedi /stylelove

a totem fur elita scarf by loula levedi

h&m flared jeans


H&M top and flared jeans
THALATTA  Bathers pouch
RAYBAN sunnies
MARC JACOBS pink bracelet
GREGIO necklace
A TOTEM FUR ELITA by Loula Levedi scarf

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