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When fate plays games with me ..

I end up penniless!

You understand that the hunt for my wedding shoes continues on the internet, so inevitably, whilst seeing shoes suitable for my wedding, I am stumbling accross amazing shoes NOT for my wedding!!
I came accross some pictures of Alejandro Ingelmo wedges that I instantly fell in love with!!  I tried to hunt them down but unfortunately… not buyable anymore… since they are an old pair.  And I slept through the night relaxed in the knowledge that I don’t have to spend any extra euros…

Until this morning when the first thing that appeared on my screen -I really don’t know how, people –  was this Jeffrey Campbell Wedge shoe!
Do you see any similarity here???

photos from farfetch.com

The shoes are almost identical!! And I love them both!!
The only differences are in the price and the fact that I can buy them today… and I am so close to pressing that “BUY NOW” flashing (in my head) button!
What do you people do when things like this happen?? Do you surrender to the sweet temptation?

Anyways!! That’s all… had to share this…  Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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