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Feather fetish

A post about my big day and my wedding dress.

As most of you already know the marriage took place at Spetses island on the 23rd of June. Everything was pretty good and we had an amazing time.

I had to post a picture of my dress because it took a lot of effort to actually create it! I owe it to my cousin and friend Eleni, who created it as I imagined it and even better. She is a very good designer with many years of experience .. and if anyone is interested, please contact me to give you details. She can make wonders. We bought the fabric together and I participated to the whole process of its creation… which made me very happy.

Feathers are my fetish.
Shoes, Isabel Marant.
Hair by Agapi Stylidou – Hair Tonic.
Make-up by Fofo Sgotzou.
Photography by  Iason Orlandos.




And hey, this was my ride…
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