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My “boyfriend” jeans

Actually belong to my boyfriend!

Or should i say husband? I really can’t get used to this word..
I always like to “borrow” his clothes and this year i see it happening a lot! I already have in mind some nice coats..
You see, this Fall “The Rise Of Oversize” –as Vogue UK states it– is the new thing and since i won’t have any money (at all) to buy any cocoon coats, pillow-sleeved jackets or billowing trousers, i will have to wear Victor’s clothes!

And as you can see i have no problem wearing them.

They can be a little baggy, you know around my private parts and sometimes i feel like i carry something down there.. BUT, with a nice belt you can do wonders!

It’s not my favorite jeans but i really like the seams effect on them.

And that is all for today! Happy Thursday!
Oh, if you try this at home, wear your husband’s/boyfriend’s belt as well with the jeans!

What i wore: Victor’s Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, H&M top, Asos sunglasses, Zara sandals
small photos from elle.com


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