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Eyes that rock!

Do try at home!

I am the kind of girl that usually doesn’t wear any make-up. Not because I don’t like it but, because I just cannot be bothered.. And I repeat: Not because I don’t like it. Actually, I wish I could wake up everyday and “paint myself”! I have tried it you know.. but it’s impossible. Really.
I would also like to wake up in the morning and have the “perfect hair”. Again, impossible.

There are some days though, that I am in the mood for make up and I usually do my eyes (although this summer I “cheated”, i used red lipstick mostly).

So, today I saw these amazing pictures from vogue.co.uk and thought that these “Graphic eyes” are doable.. maybe I should try them..
And then i thought, today i’ ll visit my friend Maria and this could be fun.. You know, paint each other…

So i guess, i will have some nice pictures in the next few days!

All photos from vogue.co.uk


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