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A Christmas tree, lights, a bicycle and a buda

What do they have in common?

Me of course! Me and my craziness!
Remember a post a few weeks ago about an outfit I was making for my friend’s wedding? Well, in the process of it’s creation, I thought I looked like a Christmas tree. And the idea was to do a “photo shoot”, with me posing as a Christmas tree. I know, it’s stupid, but it was fun and I would it again… maybe even outdoors! Ha!

As you can see I can pose very nice .. I also have alternative ideas.. Instead of decorating a star at the top of, well.. me, I decided to hold a small Buda.. who can also change colors.. but if I turned it on, I would be totally burnt by now.

Anyway, at the end of the “photo shoot”, and I use brackets only because it wast’n a real photo shoot, I went for a ride around the house with my bicycle, or tried.. it’s not easy you know, bicycling with high heels.

I also, did a little dance as you can see underneath.. because trees can dance! But please don’t tell anyone..

So, Christmas are very close and I don’t know how you all feel about it.. I for once, want to do lots of Christmas stuff and believe all over again at Santa Claus!
A girl has needs, as you all know.. and wants lots of presents..
I repeat, in case Santa reads my blog: WANTS LOTS OF PRESENTS!

Question: If Santa read my blog, would I get more followers??
I need followers as well Santa! Don’t forget me!

Anyway, have a great Tuesday and enjoy my pics..
Really huge smile!

My outfit is custom made by Eleni, the heels are old, Sonia Rykiel, the necklace is Dannijo and the coat is Zara – The Christmas lights are form IKEA


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