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A few hat photos on a Monday

A great hat speaks for itself

So, don’t expect me to say much today.. It’s Monday and i am exhausted.. like every Monday! I just wish Mondays did’t exist.. you know.. I think the world would be better without them!

Anyway, what do we have here?
It’s me again, wearing some clothes and a hat, a very nice hat! Oh, look, i am smiling, all happy.. only because it was Saturday when i took those pictures..

Actually, i find myself wearing hats these days quite more often than usual (although i don’t post many pictures with hats).. and the reason for that, is my hair.. All people have bad hair days, but mine are always bad hair days. So I just wear my hat and off to go, no hours in front of the mirror trying to “fix the problem”, no hair styling, just saving time.
So, hats are my new “hairdo”!

Happy week everyone.

Zara hat and t-shirt, American Apparel shorts, Sam Edelman shoes


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