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Airy hair, Don’t Care?

Stylelove - Adidas Stan Smiths

by Xeni Kouveli

To continue and comment on Kat’s Hairy Situation post on Convo (Hey Kat! Are you sure you want me to pass you the scissors? Passport might be easier :p), I am posting ‘airy hair’ photos on this one to show off another matter of long hair.

Air and hair. AKA Airy Hair. Hair that blinds you when the breeze is blowing towards you or from the side. Hair that gives you wrinkles because you cannot see. Hair that makes you do funny expresssions (have a look at my face in the third picture). Hair that might hurt your neck while attempting to remove from your face (second photo).

You could blame the air for all the above mentioned matters, but you cannot change the air. Hair, however, you can change. Imagine me in these pictures with short boyish hair. No problem there. No wrinkles, no funny expressions. Neck attached to the body. LOL. Of course I am sticking my tongue out now guys… I am not cutting my hair boyishly short. Not yet anyway. But it is do-able and Kat… YOLO to changes! Let’s move to France!

Baiser! Baiser!

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