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Alienated double

by Loula Levedi

Once upon a time the reflection of my image was deceiving me, one that was revealing my inner struggle, my pain, my ineffable feeling and not my beloved self-picture. My enthusiasm languished, since this particular picture ostracized me in a world where the unfamiliar face was living. As if Theseus and Minotaur became a unity, as if I reconciliated with the experience of alienation, as if I became a resident in a strangeland. A stranger.

This ICONSPIRACY is the presentation of the alienated face of fashion that it may susprise us emotionally as it revitalises the phenomenon of alienation which has always been a familiar, unconscious reality. This “strange” affinity between familiar and unfamiliar images in fashion or in art, this quality of the “unheimlich” or uncanny or ανοίκειο-ξένο in greek language, is nothing less than our desire to depict our fears. A deeper image of our feelings-thoughts or even our beautiful monsters.

The word monster derives from the italian word monstrare that it simply means disclose, bring out. What “monsters” reveal is the identity of one that was always there, hidden. The other face of paradise, the one we lost when we entered the world of ego and the world of others.

Backstage photos from the H&M Designer Award fashion show in Stockholm.
Visual art by Loula Levedi









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