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Almond Blossom by KORRES

Almond Blossom by KORRES – Face cream

by Xeni Kouveli

New moisturizing cream: Almond Blossom by KORRES

The new Almond Blossom by KORRES line responds to the need for continuous, deep, multi-level moisture (even for sensitive skin) overcoming age limits. Three day creams directed to the four types of skin, ensuring stable hydrated skin, through the action of three systems:

1. Hydrating the deeper layers
2. Binding of water molecules
3. Reduce the gradual loss of moisture

“9 to 10 women who tested the cream, would replace their hydrating cream with the Almond Blossom moisturizing cream”

My personal review after 2 days of using:
My sensitive skin accepted this light textured cream and its matt finish very well.
I love the fact that it does not leave any greasy feeling.
I shall keep using.



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