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APIVITA ‘Angels’


APIVITA Beekeepers

This Tuesday was a Tuesday full of fun and great knowledge (I usually don’t want to do anything on a Tuesday, ’cause it’s right after Monday and I just don’t like both days). A bunch of bloggers got to see the APIVITA headquarters and beehives, take a very VERY close look at the bees and have pure fun! Nileta, Eleni and yours truly on the animated gif above.. We just couldn’t help it.. These uniforms are very inspiring.

Well, besides the fun (and you know I am all about having fun), I learned some great stuff.

APIVITA is a Greek (I am a proud Greek lady, me) environmentally conscious company and has been creating natural effective and holistic products since 1979. Their ‘recipe’ combines three basic elements: Nature, Effectiveness and Holistic Wellbeing, always inspired by the Honey Bee, Greek Nature and Hippocrates’ Holistic Approach. You can learn all about APIVITA on their website here.
The ‘APIVITA people’ are passionate, friendly and they really believe in their work and brand. Their home is like a ‘hive’ made with harmony and balance. The perfect place to work I’d say..

Have I bored you yet?
Okay.. let’s see the pictures Xeni!






Apivita hives

APIVITA propolis kit

The little bees on the gif are ‘borrowed’ from google images


  • Eleni

    haahahah this was the most awesome gif with the busiest as bees kiddos in the perfect Apivita’s angels headquarters:)

    September 26, 2013

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