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Apivita Summer 2013 Essentials

Apivita Summer 2013 Essentials

Stuff I use in my bathroom
kind of self-interview

Today I am interviewing myself in order to give you some hints about my ‘bath’ products and also because it’s Friday and I can write whatever I want! So, The story goes like this: Xeni is asking the questions to Stylelove. She sits on the couch and I enter the room. She drinks coffee and smokes cigarettes.. Μy living room stinks! arrr

Hey, I just got out of the shower and I feel refreshed and clean.
Oh Stylelove, how nice.. do you have a big bathroom? and what did you use exactly, that makes you look so so pretty ???

Eeemmm, I don’t have a big bathroom and I used my Apivita products. Would you mind stop smoking for a while? I just got out of the bathroom.

Oh Stylelove, sorry, I will stop once I finish my coffee (what a bitch!). Would you mind being more specific? Besides, I am here for an interview about Apivita.
(Boy she is rude!)
Ok, of course..
I wash my hair with Apivita Propoline Shine and Revitalizing Shampoo. It revitalizes, energizes and tones hair leaving it shiny. It also smells great.

Oh really? What about your face??
I just had a face mask with sea lavender!

And your body? What is that lovely odor?
Oh, it’s the Body Refresh Shower gel with fig and aloe. Smells nice huh?

Yeah, I just said that. What about the sun care products. Did you had the chance to use them?
I am going to use them this weekend. I always use high protection suncreen so the Light Texture tinted Face Cream and the Face and Body Milk with Sea lavender and propolis will be perfect. Also, the After Sun Cream will keep my skin moisturized and cool!

Great stuff Stylelove.. What are your plans for the weekend?
Well, I think I’ll visit the beach.

Great! Have a lovely weekend by the beach, use your suncare protection and I .. I’ll be working..
Yes! you do that!


Apivita Summer 2013 Essentials

Apivita Summer 2013 Essentials

Apivita Summer 2013 Essentials

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