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Art on shoes

Once more

Hello people! Friday is here once again and i only want to see smiley faces.. Today’s post is dedicated to art. Specifically, to “shoes art”. The “art” you see on the picture above. The “art” that costs €695*.

I am not going to point out an amazing discovery, we all know fashion is art and art costs*, but i just have to post these amazing shoes that i wish i could own and tell you my thoughts.
When i first saw these shoes i thought WOW! This is something new.. i haven’t seen it before.. (This happens every time i see something i like!)
But then, on second thought i remembered the Dolce and Gabanna suede ‘face’ wedges, back from 2010, i think..

photo from Sea of Shoes

Do you notice anything?

The concept is similar, i mean, there is a face in both of the shoes. Do you get me? OK, there are differences on the actual shape and style of the shoe, but this is worn before and i have to say it.

Anyway, as a concept, i admire it. I would love to walk around, wearing “paintings” on my feet .. Really! Well, on second thought i question that. I guess, i would probably be afraid, since someone could steal by “Picasso”. :p

The shoes are Nickolas Kirkwood and you can find them here and here.
Main photo from Farfetch

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