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Natural, vibrant blonde #ASKFORWELLA

Natural, vibrant blonde #ASKFORWELLA

Now you know! #ASKFORWELLA

Here is what’s new gals:

I dyed my hair with the new KOLESTON Perfect ME+ by WELLA Professionals and it felt fantastic! And… I also have a video to prove it! Smiley face. My hair finally have the blonde shade I’ve always wanted! Natural, vibrant creamy blonde, a perfect autumn/winter color!

And for your information, here is why WELLA Professionals KOLESTON Perfect ME+ is the choice for you…

Wella’s Pure Balance Technology is designed to minimize the formation of free radicals during the color formation by deactivating impurities like metals present in hair. Free radicals interfere with the color formation during the color development and are a key cause to hair damage. With Pure Balance Technology, the result is even pure color results with natural depth and shine and significantly less hair damage, color after color.

Meanwhile, the ME+ technology is a scientific breakthrough designed to replace extreme sensitizers, PPD and PTD, reducing the risk of up to 60x less likely to develop a new allergy to hair color.

The new formula also delivers color that is significantly more even, balanced and true to tone from root to tip offering better balance of tone and control of depth with up to 100% grey coverage. The vibrant color portfolio spans naturals, brunettes, reds and blondes, plus a special mixing range to make a wide array of shades possible.

So from now on, you know!


 Special thanks to Harris Kasapoglou, Hair Colorist and Konstantinos Korilas, Wella Expert and genius for taking care of me and my hair.

Natural, vibrant blonde #ASKFORWELLA
Natural, vibrant blonde #ASKFORWELLA
Natural, vibrant blonde #ASKFORWELLA

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