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Be my Valentine - Wolford

Be my Netsation Valentine

The Valentine’s day look

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WOLFORD Netsation tights & a Little Black Dress


Never have I ever celebrated Valentine’s day. Ever! But you know what they say… Never say never! As I grow up I find myself needing more occasions to celebrate… stuff! And the truth is, I like it! When working all day-everyday, days and weeks go by and you get lost in your daily routine that days like Valentine’s day become necessary! So yes! I’m not ashamed to say, “Why not celebrate?”

I’m not gonna propose to you to wear the expected deep red Vday outfit. I’m just showing you how the new “Fishnet” or “Grid”, burgundy colored, tight trend can look amazing with your classic Little Black Dress on your Valentine’s Day. Simple, romantic sexy & edgy! Winking my eye! Oh yes, it’s from WOLFORD Fashion and it’s called the Netsation. Smiley face.

So, tell me what are your plans for #VDay?

Greece, February 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7

Be my Valentine - WolfordBe my Valentine - WolfordBe my Valentine - WolfordBe my Valentine - Wolford



ZARA Little Mini Black Dress
WOLFORD Netsation tights SS16
ZARA heels
TOMS sunglasses
H&M faux fur coat


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