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Beachwear look on Spetses Island

by Xeni Kouveli

Beachwear look for your vacation


So, I was on Spetses island this past weekend and on my way to the beach, I said to my friend, Maria, “Hey! Fancy shooting a few?” She said, “Yeah! Why not?!” You may notice that the skirt is the same as last year, but for some reason, this skirt is the perfect skirt for your first excursion to the beach. It’s long enough (so long it can touch the ground) to cover your ‘wintery’ white legs but it also has a slit so long that it lets you breathe and feel all airy and summery. Even when the weather objects.

p.s. I’ve decided that that this summer I will try to “escape” more often. Who’s with me?

Pictures were taken on the pier in front of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.
In the background, you’ll see an odd-looking boat. It’s an aquifer boat as Spetses gets its drinking water from elsewhere. Did you know?

Kiss. Kiss.
Travel baby, travel.

Beachwear look

Beachwear look

Beachwear look

Beachwear look

Beachwear look

Beachwear look



H&M skirt
ASOS sandals
THALATTA pool frog pouch
ECUA ANDINO classic panama hat
GREGIO bracelets & rings

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