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Blending menswear - 8 clothing

Blending menswear

How to wear his t-shirt

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Menswear t-shirt by 8 Clothing


It’s not the first time you’ve been advised to wear your men’s clothes. It’s everywhere: “How to wear his extra large shirt”, “How to wear his tie”, “How to wear his jacket, his belt” it goes on and on. Oh Jesus, we are violating their wardrobe pretty hardSmiley face. However, this time, I only suggest you wear his t-shirt. I mean it is just a t-shirt. Long, comfy and it is excellent for layering. I mean… blame it on fashion! Winking my eye.
However this very simple outfit is instantly upgraded to an extra cool look by wearing this leopard print skirt that is the epitome of layering. It can be worn on top of pants, skirts, dresses and it is so stylish! Designed by LIANA CAMBA. The queen of layering. Extra big smiley face.

Kiss, kiss.

Dionysos, Greece, October 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7.

leopard print skirt by liana camba stylelove outfitsBlending menswear - 8 clothingBlending menswear - 8 clothingBlending menswear - 8 clothingBlending menswear - 8 clothingBlending menswear - 8 clothing


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