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WOLFORD Louie Body

Body Stripes feel good

by Xeni Kouveli

Dress my legs in stripes


The WOLFORD Louie Body can be worn anytime and with everything. It is an essential layer for short blouses and the perfect layer under a cardigan.
I chose to wear it with nothing apart from its partner in crime, the Louie tights. Sheer matt tights with narrow, horizontal stripes.

The truth is that all WOLFORD bodies & tights feel so amazingly good on my skin that there was no other way to show you. I had to be ‘striped’ naked. Winking my eye.

Pictures shot by Loula Levedi with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7

WOLFORD Body StripesWOLFORD Body StripesWOLFORD Louie tightsVANS old schoolWOLFORD Louie BodyWOLFORD Body StripesGAT RIMON coat


WOLFORD Louie body
WOLFORD Louie tights
All from WOLFORD Boutique in Golden Hall Athens
ZARA jacket
VANS shoes


Alternately shop WOLFORD here:


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