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Book your Pinktrotters experience


by Xeni Kouveli

I know it’s Sunday and most of you are sunbathing and splish-splashing somewhere, but I have news for you!
You must have already seen my previous post about Pinktrotters in Mykonos, but let me make this clear for you: Until tomorrow Monday, 11am GMT+2, you can get a 15% off on all Pinktrotters Luxury Villas. This means that instead of 185 euros per night you will pay 157 euros per night (in Mykonos & Ostuni), while in Ibiza you will pay 153 euros per night. By booking for 7 days, 10% discount is already guaranteed!

So, what is included in the price?

1) Accommodation at spectacular villas in Mykonos, Ostuni and Ibiza

2) All products gratuities from the Pinktrotters sponsors, such as Vitasnella Water, Velvet Soft product from Scholl, Essie nail polish, Manebì summer glam shoes, Ippocampo Jewels, Mythic Oil hair products, Veet waxing products, and Panama Hatters panama hats.

3) Discounts & price advantages at restaurants, clubs & shops visited by the Pinktrotters

4) The value of living the experience with other amazing women who can broad your friendship network

Read all the details on what’s included in the price here (http://www.pinktrotters.com/pinktrotters-luxury-villas-included-price-essie-manebi-ford-sucrette-mythicoil-veet-scholl-vitasnella-ippocampo/)

Book your room now, Mykonos is next, July 5th until 18th. Places are limited.

Kiss. Kiss.








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