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Broke Valentine

by Kat de Naoum

I’m not really a romantic. (Well, I might be but I’d never admit it.)

Since this Convo falls just before Valentine’s day, I thought I’d do something related, so I’ve been asking my friends what they have planned for V-Day. Most of their replies were to the effect of, “if I manage to pay my mortgage and the bailiffs don’t come round and take the TV, we’ll probably be watching a movie because we’re too broke to do anything else.”

Surely it’s not all about jewellery, flowers, chocolates or a big fat teddy bear that you’ll be stuck with and won’t know what to do with for years to come?



I’m a big believer that the best things in life are free and I want to prove that. In a romantic way. So, since I’m not a romantic myself (or am I?) I enlisted the help of my uber romantic friend, Thalia Staikos, who as well as being a lawyer is co-founder of the super down-to-earth and practical beauty blog, Lawless Glam.



Thalia shares five great, free ideas for Valentine’s day with us, for anyone who still cares about keeping that spark alive (even though you’re broke)!

1) 100 Reasons

Granted this takes a bit of work. Give your partner an envelope containing 100 reasons you love them on individual pieces of paper. This is a simple way to make your boyfriend/girlfriend feel showered with love. Obviously not every single piece of paper is going to have a super deep reason, but even writing down little phrases they say that make you laugh as some of the reasons you love them will remind them that you pay attention to them when they talk!

2) Homemade Gift Certificates

Make them a book of homemade gift certificates. The key to success is making the gift certificates things that your significant other wants as opposed to things that are convenient for you. For instance, giving a gift certificate to your man for your own favourite meal won’t have the same effect as giving him a gift certificate to serve him endless beers during his football games wearing nothing but his favourite jersey. It could be a gift certificate for a foot massage, an aromatic oil infused back-rub, or something cheekier. Use your imagination.

3) Almost Naked Chef.

Make their favourite meal looking sexy AF. This is a classic that never gets boring. The key to making this special is really getting into the role. Playing up the whole look. If you are a man, wear nothing but a chef’s apron. Hot! Make sure you are clean and fresh, man-scaped and smelling like you’ll probably be cooking AFTER she’s ravaged you. For women, if you are wearing black lingerie with sexy black garters then you have to glam up the look. Add a black cat eye using liquid liner (tutorial and product suggestion will be on LawlessGlam.com within the next couple of weeks) and pair it with a dark vampy lip colour or bright red lipstick like these. He will likely have seen you in lingerie before but if you play up the whole look it will feel new and exciting.

4) Bubbles all the way.

Plan a hot and steamy bubble bath with candles and wine or champagne. Sound cheesy or trite? The key is timing. Set it up while they are out of the house so that when they return, you are waiting naked under the bubbles in the bath with alcohol on hand. The element of surprise makes even the most overdone romantic things feel special and new! Get some great smelling bath oils or soaps to enhance the mood. Lavender is classic and fresh smelling and is always a great go-to.

5) Breakfast in bed.

Again, this is one of those things that sounds common or cliché but it always makes someone feel special. Mostly because when you first wake up you are not ready to face the world. I personally think of 100 reasons not to get out of bed before remembering that I need to pay my bills so I have to go to work. But if you wake up to a reminder that someone thinks you’re so special that they want to fill your belly with your favourite things to start your day, it makes it easier to get out of bed. If you have a fireplace, light the fire and set up breakfast next to the fire for extra ambiance.

What more do you want? You have 3 days to plan something in line with the awesome suggestions above. They’re free, so no excuses. Don’t let the famdown, bruh.

I, meanwhile, have three days to find a boyfriend to do these things for me.

Peace out.

*Xeni Kouveli makes the Convo collages with pics found on Google images – we do not own them (except for the ones we do own).

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