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Capes VS Coats

by Xeni Kouveli

How much would you spend on a cape?
In this post, I’ve gathered 9 Very Expensive Capes just for the sake of it, ’cause I would never spend so much on a cape. Capes are trending this fall and I don’t know how to feel about this. Please, don’t misjudge me. I like capes, I even bought one a few years back that I still wear, but capes are not coats and I LOVE coats. I mean a coat is something essential, a must-have, while a cape is something you can easily live without. A coat can understand your needs and cover your hands when it’s cold. A coat is your trusted companion, a true friend that always stays with you while you grow old and matures along with you. Like a great red wine which you open after a few years and the taste is even better. A coat that you once bought rises from the depths of your wardrobe and can be worn as if it was new again. Ya know what I mean? You will in a few posts… Winking eye.

So, in conclusion, a coat is an investment.
Don’t you think?

p.s. Click here to shop some awesome coats.

Kiss. Kiss.

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