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handmade crochet bikini by rinikini

Crochet bikini weather

Handmade crochet bikini by Rinikini

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Handmade crochet bikini by Rinikini


It’s Wednesday May 17th and the temperature’s rising. My mouse is on fire, editing pictures and posts, but my mind is elsewhere. Dreaming tropical sandy beaches, drinking cocktails and relaxing all day long.
All that, along with my new handmade crochet bikini. Winking my eye.

Kiss, kiss.

“With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, RINIKINI crochet swimwear is feminine, and often uses vivid colors, embellishment and an eclectic mix of prints, materials and patterns. It has a real wow-factor and will ensure you look and feel that part, from ‘Beach to Bar’.”

Glyfada, Greece, May 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7, by Loula Levedi.

handmade crochet bikini by rinikinihandmade crochet bikini by rinikini



RINIKINI handmade crochet bikini
LALEH FAYAZ printed pants

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