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V Society custom bomber

Custom made bomber jacket

Custom made bomber jacket by V-SOCIETY

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Custom made bomber jacket by V-SOCIETY


The bomber jacket is my favorite trend all year and I guess, you all know it. Click here for a reminder or here or here.
I’ve been wearing a classic one non-stop this winter and I’m pretty sure, you all got bored of me and my green jacket. BUT, when this V-SOCIETY arrived to my doorstep, I was more than thrilled and ready to photo “bomb” you again! Shamelessly, winking my eye.

You see, this one has my name written on it! Also, the quality of the fabric is amazing and it feels so cool to walk around with your name written on your jacket. Seriously, I feel like Justin Bieber or someone. Laughing out loud.

Kiss. Kiss.

Athens, Greece, April 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7

Custom made bomber jacket by v societyCustom made bomber jacket by v societyTOMS eyewearsalt and pepper jeanssalt and pepper jeanssalt-pepper-jeans.2jpgsalt-pepper-jeans5



V-SOCIETY bomber jacket
TOMS eyewear
ZARA slipons
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