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Diptyque Florabellio

by Xeni Kouveli

Diptyque Florabellio: A floral trail, blurring the perspectives between land and sea, flower and fruit, softness and bitterness.


A new Diptyque realease took place recently and I, of course, was very happy to smell and get properly introduced. Smiley face.

About Diptyque Florabellio:

“Diptyque Florabellio is an olfactory landscape, a fragment of nostalgia, breaking through the barriers between memories and reality. A glimpse of nature, a path that leads from the woods to the shore. In the foreground, invigorating and salty sea spray mingles with the vegetal bitterness of sea fennel. It then develops around soft and sensual apple blossom on the wings of apricot-scented osmanthus mist.

In the background, like an optical illusion, swirling wafts of roasted coffee with toasted sesame accents, foreign yet familiar.”

Diptyque Florabellio

Diptyque Florabellio



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