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Ear Cuff is no Puff

annelise michelson ear cuff

Ear Cuffs are here to stay.. I say

With crystals or not, ear cuffs have become THE accessory.
As I browse around instagram and see pictures with ear cuffs I realize that it might not be just a trend anymore. They have become an essential jewel, like earrings or bracelets. They evolve, become prettier and they make you want to spend money on them. Because, you don’t want a simple ‘imitation’ anymore.. You want the real thing! Ya know what I mean?

Annelise Michelson Carnivorous Ear from Paris at the price of 300€ and I’m in love!

Happy Wednesday to you!


  • Costume De Rigueur

    ooooh yes!


    September 4, 2013
  • oh my! :-p

    September 5, 2013
  • Eleni

    Totally know what you’re sayin’! Let’s go for the Repossi ones too ;)

    September 8, 2013

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