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Espadrilles: a comeback

Spetza Shop Spetses

photo from Vicky > Spetza Shop Spetses

I remember my summers on Spetses island when i was a kid, wearing espadrilles like a maniac .. who would have thought that these shoes would actually make a comeback! They are very comfy and have a certain nice look but…  they can be quite smelly! So people, take care of your feet when wearing these so you won’t get the “smelly feet” nickname!

Me … I’m more the old-school clogs kind of person … but i would totally pull off a pair of striped espadrilles on an island.. Damn! i should have kept my old espadrilles!

I found some websites, www.espadrillesetc.com,  www.gaston-espadrille.com or www.espadrij.com where you can buy them online or not. I always think that espadrilles are mostly island/shopping shoes, like little bracelets, from your vacation in Greece.

I shall wait and buy my pair at Spetses Island from Spetza Shop
(www.spetza-spetses.gr / www.facebook.com/pages/Spetza-Shop/202426609865524)

That’s all! Have a great weekend and wear your Espadrilles!!

photo from http://www.espadrillesetc.com

photos from gaston-espadrille.com


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