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Fashion Week, Mom Jeans and Bomber Jackets


by Xeni Kouveli

It’s fashion month and I haven’t posted anything about the shows. To tell you the truth I am avoiding them… Not that I don’t glance at vogue.co.uk every now and then, but it just makes me wanna be there so effing much. So, this year I won’t be “photoshop-ing my way into Fashion Week”; I will show you what I could/would wear.
I begin with the magnificent New York. London and Paris will follow.

New York styling to me is more about the practicality of the outfit, the smart lines that you would use on your social media and… of course New York. You go to the shows to actually see them, not be a “pigeon” outside them, socialize in hotels and museums, because it’s too cold outside and when appropriate, drink Manhattan cocktails. You wear something to keep you warm, hold at least one statement item and look as ‘smart’ as possible. Do you get what I mean? London for example, is more loose and eccentric and Paris, oh Paris is all about elegance. Huh?

Now, picture New York, Andy Warhol, Woody Allen and Diane von Furstenberg. Could I blend in with this outfit? Seriously sticking my tongue out now!
p.s. The scarf is inspired from New York Fashion Week streetstylers.

Oh! and hey… Kiss. Kiss.



Fashion Weeks, Mom Jeans and Bomber Jackets

Asos Mom Jeans

Gregio Rings



HTC Mini One

SΟΜΦ bomber jacket, Zara blouse, silk scarf/necklace from a shop at Spetses, Zara long scarf, ASOS mom jeans, Opening Ceremony booties, Thalatta Fringy Bag, Gregio rings, HTC Mini One smartphone.


  • Eleni

    Killing it with your red hot chilli booties and your badass bomber! I mean cerebral coolness to infinity. Way beyond NY homie ;)

    February 17, 2014
  • February 20, 2014

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