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At Spetses Island

When visiting Spetses island during summer there is a certain kind of chart I ‘follow’, that messes up my sleep hours and makes me feel very.. carefree, simply because there is no plan. Do whatever, talk whenever and drink ‘however’. You see, the nightlife at Spetses can be eventful, fun and a drink always leads to another and there’s always people you haven’t seen for a long time and bla bla bla.. the sun is out.
Next day (I mean, a few hours later) you visit the beach after noon if you managed to get out of bed. But, this time things where different. I didn’t get that drunk neither I stayed home sleeping through the days.. Very proud I am.

So, I saw my friends, went swimming every day – got some great sun tan, drove the best motorcycle in the world around the island with no lights and managed to take NO pictures at all of any outfit. I had no time to waste, I was having fun.

So, I came back refreshed, tanned, calm and ready to re-enter my casual ‘chart’ (sleep during the night, wake up early in the morning).

One thing I’m gonna miss though, is the little ‘beast’ I was driving around.








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