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Few of my favorite things #4

Stylelove Favorites #4

A fur jacket, a mini skirt, a pair of wannabe Valentinos and a Thalatta bag as usual

I present to you Stylelove’s favorites for week no4 :p ! When am I going to wear this fur jacket? Huh?

The past Thursday I went shopping to H&M and had a look at the amazing Paris Show Collection. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Chiffon Dress or the black Embroidered skirt that I was looking for, but I did get this fur jacket and a lovely skirt that I am going to show you another time.

So, here we go:
Fur jacket from H&M,
Mini skirt from Zara,
Zara shoes that wanna be Valentinos, desperately (similar or click here) and
The great Island Sky from Thalatta.

Happy Saturday.


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