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Full Denim Jacket

Thalatta Red Fringy

And pants and shirt

Is there anything else to say about denim on denim on denim? Not much really, the subject and the outfit has been debated over and over, again and again. But what about the wool cardigan on top of the long denim jacket? Huh?

So, since the long denim jacket is not so warm, actually it is only heavy and not warm at all, why not ‘enrich’ it AND make it even heavier, by wearing a cardigan on top. A wool one. This way, you manage to accomplish two obvious things. One, feel warm. Two, enlarge your humpback! Yay! If I am boring you with my words feel free to close this window whenever.

Something that I also have to mention is that brown brogues can be the perfect cherry to top off a full denim outfit. What do you think?

Have a great Friday y’all!
Kiss. Kiss.

Full Denim

Thalatta Red Fringy

Full Denim

Thalatta Red Fringy

Full Denim

Vintage cardigan, Karen Millen long denim Jacket (similar but not quite..), H&M men’s denim shirt (similar), Jeans, Materia Prima brogues (similar), Thalatta Red Fringy, Asos earcuff, Gregio evileye necklace.


  • Eleni

    “Full mental jacket” (the movie) has got nothing on ya! :D Pure majestic sartorial inspiration! Yay and yay!

    January 10, 2014

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