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Get chained

Are you into S&M ??

I bet you all are after reading 50 Shades of Grey, trilogy..
But just to spoil it, men like Christian Grey are not only hard to find, Ι say, they are endangered species..Just to be clear about my point of view of this book. It’s fiction.

And that Anastasia chick really gets on my nerves!!Oh yes, lets do this weird stuff.. and then.. I don’t want to see you anymore.. Get a life, you and your inner goddess! How many Christians will you find out there? Handsome, crazy in love with you and loaded!!
Relationships mean sacrifices! Am i right or am i right???
Anyway, I got carried away..

Today I present to you some weird-chain yourself jewellery.. in case you want to look kind of, “I have read that book, I am kinky and I’m looking for “Mr. Grey”! Winking eye look on my face now.

Or maybe, share this post to your boyfriends in case they want to buy you a Christmas gift. This kind of present could imply, “I want to try this shit!”, only if you are willing to try this shit! Smiley face now.

I am not going to say if or what I like from these products..
it’s way to personal! Ciao!

ASOS Premium Earrings with Detachable Linking Chain, €55.56

ASOS Choker Linked Earcuff, €55.56

ASOS Jewelled Hair & Ear Cuff, €8.33

River Island Clean Multi Section Arm Cuff, €20.84

ASOS Crystal Cuff with Linked Ring, €34.73

ASOS Spike Shard Body Harness, €20.84

all photos from Asos

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