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Get your hands and brushes dirty

MAC AW2013

M.A.C. Trends Presentation AW2013

When I got invited to M.A.C. presentation event about their trends for Autumn Winter 2013 my eyes flickered and my lips got excited!! It was my first time attending an event like this and I loved it!

Our presenter was an awesome lady named Alexandra Spyridopoulou who has a very rich bio and showed off her skills live.. I admired her work and her ‘magic’ made me come to a decision: I have to try and get better on make-up! I am a total jackass when it comes to.. ‘painting my face’. But this season’s trends won’t help me a lot! You see.. Things change!

Forget the perfect glamorous make-up with the straight black lines on eyes.. This season you can get away with a bit of ‘mistakes’! No bounds on placement, eye shadows with no perfect endings and two colored lips will make the face look moody, mysterious and … real! Also, no need to use mascara!! Now we’ re talking!!! I always never had a thing for mascara! :)

It all comes down to this:

REB-ELLE: Black meets charcoal meets emerald meets burgundy meets midnight blue
MAC Autumn Winter 13/14 trends

SPIRITUAL-EYES: Tired, Spooky, haunted
MAC Autumn Winter 13/14 trends

PERSPEX-TIVE: Austerity and purity
MAC Autumn Winter 13/14 trends

AU-CURRANT: Undone but well-done
MAC Autumn Winter 13/14 trends

So, 4 trends to learn..
Drop your drinks.. and get your hands and brushes dirty girls!


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