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Golden Krocus by Korres - Stylelove

Golden Krocus elixir

Golden Krocus Elixir by KORRES

Golden Krocus Elixir by KORRES


A few months ago I was selected by ‘KORRES family’ to travel with them in Northern Greece and witness the amazing experience of harvesting saffron in the Greek town of Kozani. We flew to Thessaloniki, stayed one night (had lots and lots of fun) and the next day traveled to the village named Krokos where the Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum comes from. I have to state that the KORRES team pampered us so much, that I came back home a couple of kilos fatter! We tried countless local recipes with saffron and they all tasted incredibly good!

During my stay in Kozani, I was surprised to learn that it takes 70,000 krocus flowers —which bloom only once per year for two weeks— to produce just one pound of Greek saffron. Each Saffron flower is hand-picked and the three delicate red stigmas are hand-separated to preserve the properties of the spice that the #morepreciousthangold elixir by KORRES comes from.

I’m extremely happy to have witness this procedure but also extremely proud to meet and greet local families that from generation to generation cultivate krocus flowers and produce the highest quality organic saffron in the world. Congrats to all and keep providing the world with such precious Greek elixirs.

As for Golden Krocus? A few golden drops every day on my skin and I feel youthful-looking and glowing. 100% perfect for my skin!

Kiss, kiss.

Thessaloniki & Kozani, Greece, October 2016
Special Thanks to the KORRES team, Katerina, Giouli, Mina & Giorgos & the photographers of the trip, Dimitra & Margarita

Golden Krocus Elixir by KORRESGolden Krocus Elixir by KORRESGolden Krocus Elixir by KORRESGolden Krocus Elixir by KORRESGolden Krocus Elixir by KORRESGolden Krocus Elixir by KORRESGolden Krocus Elixir by KORRES


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