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“Granny” shoes


by Xeni Kouveli

This conversation took place on the 18th of July, at approximately 8pm at our house while I (Xeni) was waiting for Victor to get dressed. Our wardrobes are in separate rooms. We talk to each other from our respective rooms, aka really loud conversations.

Xeni: Victor get ready, we have to go.
Victor: Yeah, yeah…

Xeni: Victor are you ready?
Victor: Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Xeni: What?
Victor: …something something…
Xeni: I can’t hear you… What are you saying?
Victor: …

Xeni puts on her awesome new sandals and walks towards Victor. He hasn’t got dressed yet. He is on the computer trying to play his… should I call it music? The death songs he listens to?… so that he can get dressed. Oh yes! He needs his music.

Xeni: Honey, I’m ready, c’mon don’t be late. (Slightly more aggressive than that.)
Victor finally turns his head around towards Xeni and focuses on the shoes.

Victor: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? What are these? The death music suddenly starts to play… A man’s (?) voice screams something through the speakers that I cannot understand but scares me to death.
Xeni: Victor, please, I don’t like this music. It makes me nervous. (Slightly more aggressive than that.)
Victor: Your “granny” shoes should make you nervous not… (a band that I cannot for the life of me remember).

Xeni: Why? You don’t like them? They have stones and are comfy and they look like my niece’s shoes. I like them.
Victor: NO! I hate them. Seriously, Xeni, they look like the shoes your grandma was wearing.
Xeni: You have no idea what you’re talking about. Besides, even so, they remind me of my great grandma.

Victor: Whatever face… I DON’T like them.
Xeni: Victor, get used to them, because as I grow older, it’s gonna get worse.

So, what can you get from this Convo (hey Kat!)? Men will always judge your fashion choices and try to change your style, but no matter what, trust your instincts.

p.s. Check out my face in the photo below. This was my expression while writing the previous paragraph.

Happy Friday!
Kiss. Kiss.









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