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Stylelove Outfits: Grey Brown & black layered

Grey brown and black, all layered up

by Xeni Kouveli

Grey brown and black: Three colors layered up


A very strange combination took place last week while vacationing on Spetses island for Greek Easter. A grey, brown and black colored outfit was my peak of all outfits. You see, I had very few clothes with me (I rarely like to travel light) to wear and style, so what you see in the pictures was the result. I know one would not usually suggest this color combo but for some strange reason, it worked for me. Somehow all these colors together looked good. I even got a compliment. Do you agree or do you wanna judge me? Go on, I can handle a little criticism. Smiley face. Or better still, share your own styling experiences during the Easter holidays.

The pictures were taken outside Tripitsis bakery in Spetses, while I was waiting for my fresh cheese pie. I have said this before: Tripitsis bakery makes a mean cheese pie. And bread. And pizza by the meter (sometimes).

Spetses, April 2015

Stylelove Outfits: Grey, Brown & black layered

Stylelove Outfits: Grey brown and black layered up



H&M long cardigan
H&M men’s long shirt
SUPERGA Greece shoes
WOS bag



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