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High addiction, Adrenaline, Never enough

by Xeni Kouveli

I had never tried OPIUM perfume by Yves Saint Laurent but now that I tried the “rock” version of it, the BLACK OPIUM, I am telling you this: I haven’t been wearing any perfume for the past 2 years. OK, it’s not that I leave the house smelling awful… you know, my natural smell is breathtaking (seriously sticking my tongue out)… lol. No, I mean that for some reason, all perfumes somehow stopped smelling nice to me. I got fed up of them and started using body creams instead. Now though and by now I mean, for 10 days now, I’m wearing BLACK OPIUM every single day. Yes, it suits me great. I like it. It made me wanna wear perfumes again. I’m happy and…

Driven by desire, free from the social constraints that pin others down, I am singular in my approach to life.
Impulsive, always on the move, seeking out adventures.
Adrenalin pumping, I’m happy to ride the wave, to throw the doors open on a life brimming with excess and filled with superlatives.

Yes I am the BLACK OPIUM woman. Smiley face.


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