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Island dressing

by Xeni Kouveli

Let me tell you about my previous weekend.
I packed my beautiful summer clothes like the good girl that I am, anticipating to wear them and walk around the Spetses alleys all Grecian Chic and sh*t (pardon my language) and the weather killed it. Sorry. Not killed it, murdered it. And by it, I mean my mood and my weekend (just a bit, I still had a great time). Saturday was kind of OK but still not summer OK? Sunday was cloudy & cold and Monday was raining… all day.

As you can see I did wore my outfit as planned, but I was cold and people were looking at me like I was a fly in their milk. It’s summer for the “islanders” as much as it is for the ones leaving in the city. How can I explain that this weekend was basically my summer vacation. Period. That I won’t be able to walk all Grecian Chic again? I might be exagerating a little here but I’m kind of pissed.

Anyway, tell me your plans for walking all Grecian Chic on the Greek islands this summer.

Kiss. Kiss.

White Island Dressing

ecua andino panama hat / stylelove / spetses

H&M skirt




H&M skirt (option 1, option 2)
white long top
H&M sandals (option 1, option 2, option 3)
Ecua Andino Panama lady hat
Thalatta Cyber Palm Tree


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