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Layer the long top

Diesel black jacket

by Xeni Kouveli

As I have said before, layering is addictive. Layering opens up your mind and makes you wanna wear things differently. Makes you wanna wear things upside down and in reverse. Just like this Nazezhda long black top, which I wore like this simply because the bralet looked awesome under the crossed back of this top. And it all got filled up with a gorgeous Diesel Black Gold jacket that a friend of mine lent me that day because I was cold.

So, what I should also mention is, layering and styling in general, can be used for all different occasions and circumstances. It can all look oddly and peculiarly beautiful, different and unique. So, yes, try it. Have a look at your clothes and see them “differently”.

Happy week y’all.
Kiss. Kiss.


Nazezhda long top

Nazezhda top


Nazezhda long top

Diesel Black jacket designed by Sophia Kokosalaki, Nazezhda long black top, Topshop bralet, Topshop mom jeans, Opening Ceremony red booties, Thalatta Fringy Red.


  • Eleni

    Mega genius mega awesome as per usual ;)

    October 7, 2014

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