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Liana Camba top and belts - Layering belts

Layering belts

Trending right now: Layering belts

Trending right now: Layering belts


Aren’t you bored of wearing your belts the same old way? Don’t you wanna spice things up a bit?
Try layering your belts. Seriously! It can upgrade your very simple look, easily. You can try with any belt, but these belts by LIANA CAMBA make the trick look a lot more interesting! Try it on a pair of your favorite jeans and enjoy the ride!

Kiss, kiss. Belt, belt!

Athens, Greece, April 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 by Magda Sgouridi.

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LIANA CAMBA top & belts
GIVENCHY sunglasses
LEVIS jeans

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