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London Calling: Barbican

by Xeni Kouveli

I continue my London post marathon by giving you some pictures from empty Barbican AND by telling you a story with the title, “Never shop on Boxing Day from Harrods“. Not a very smiley, smiley face.

So, I visited Harrods on Boxing Day. Mistake. Big mistake!
You see, the first day of sales is crazy in a place like London. You have to be prepared, psychologically and physically. I had already seen what I wanted but I wasn’t 100% sure, cause there were plenty of other options out there. I wanted to visit some outlet shops in Hackney before I decided my buy. However, the moment you enter Harrods and see all the people in a panic and running around like crazies, it affects you. I had 3 pairs of shoes in my hands and I did not want any of them. But the crazy eyes of the lady next to me who was waiting impatiently to grab the shoes from my hands, the saleswoman who did not leave my side not even for a second the whole time I was trying to decide and looking at myself in the mirror after I don’t know how many women AND the tremendous heat indoors made me buy a pair of shoes of a brand I cannot even recall. The shoes were tight and I wasn’t sure I liked them.

Half an hour later, I found myself at the cash desk to return the shoes (everything was really blurry at that point). But it was sale period and no money refund was acceptable. Not a smiley face! I stuck with the wrong shoes and by that time no shoes of my size (EU 39, the most common shoe size, especially of those fierce tall English women) was available. I’m telling you it was my worst nightmare.

After a whole day, trying to forget my experience and to find positive things about the shoes, I returned home. I tried on the shoes and God possibly felt sorry for me because as I wore them they opened at the back. YES! I normally wouldn’t be happy, but everything changed because the shoes were faulty! Next day, shoes got returned to the “house of horror” and I got my money back. Went to Hackney out of the panic and shopped these white ANN DEMEULEMEESTER sneakers from JOSEPH Outlet which is a must-visit if you are in London and looking to shop brands at a discount.

Nuff said.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope YOU learn from MY mistakes. :-)
Kiss. Kiss.

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