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London Calling Part III

by Xeni Kouveli

I am back. I mean physically because mentally my mind is still on London hours, days and habits. I still wake up early, anxious to go out, walk my 14 km and explore everything there is to explore. When I realize that I’m back, I just wanna relax indoors. But I will be myself again, soon. Smiley face.

So, if you go to London and you probably know this but I will say it anyway, Southbank is a wonderful walk which you need to take. Walk along the river from Waterloo up to Tower Bridge and stop anywhere you feel, like BFI Southbank, Sea Life, London Eye, or you can watch the skaters, explore Tate Modern, drink at Anchor’s pub and eat at Borough Market. Then walk on Tower Bridge to reach the other side. It will help with your digestion after consuming too many shepherd’s pies and several sandwiches at Borough. Just do it.

Another thing I’d have liked to share in this post, since I’m wearing my vintage treasure, is where to shop vintage in London. I didn’t make it. Seriously I did not manage to visit any vintage shops although I did do my research beforehand, which I will share but I cannot comment on since I didn’t go (arrgggghhh very mad Xeni). Go to Notting Hill where you will find plenty of vintage shops. I have been before but I don’t remember much. My friend Lily recommended Sound and Vision and One of a Kind. If you go, send an email and tell me your experience. I do love a good vintage shop experience.

Kiss. Kiss.









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