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Stylelove London diary 2016

London diary 2016

#StyleloveTravels: London diary 2016

#StyleloveTravels: London diary 2016


It was about time to feature some pictures from my London diary during the Christmas holidays! Smiley face.
You have to excuse me but, I didn’t have the time to do it earlier simply because, I got sick during my holidays (hits her hand on the table, very very frustrated) but also, when I got back home (hits her head on the table very very frustrated).
Tip: Never enter a plane when you’re sick! Not a smiley face.

Nevertheless, I did manage to see and taste some new ‘things’ during my stay. And she smiles again!

  • I visited Jak’s, which is a very hype bar/club/restaurant at King’s Road in Chelsea and we had an amazing time celebrating a friend’s birthday! No pictures from this one, I was having way too much fun to even consider snapping a photo. Just gonna say this: Beautiful people, urban underground environment & Scarface was playing on the projector all night. Cool stuff down at the Jak’s. Winking my eye.
  • I went to Notting Hill again, after many years. I loved it and had totally forgot about it’s amazing vibe. Try The Chipping Forecast restaurant and eat the fish burger! Very very good!
  • I visited Cambridge! Beautiful place, but visit during spring or summer and get on that boat ride. Winking my eye.
  • I went up to the Sky Garden of London. Not what I expected but it was free and you can have a quick coffee there, thank God we went early and didn’t have to wait in line.
    Tip: Never wait in the queue. Book everything in advance.
  • Went to Science museum and Serpentine galleries. Saw the Zaha Hadid exhibition. Do visit! After Zaha we enjoyed a couple of gin & tonic’s at Chiltern Firehouse. What an a m a z i n g place! No pictures from there too. We weren’t allowed to take any. As we got hungry… Patty & Bun was close… The most juicy and tasty burger!

I did try a couple of other stuff that I don’t recall at the moment, but I stayed in mostly. It was cold, foggy, we got sick but we had a beautiful house to our selves (with two amazing cats to keep us company) and of course, each other! Smiley face.

Kiss, kiss.

London, December 2016

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