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Made by hand in Greece

Deep Shallow Exposition

by Xeni Kouveli

I get to keep these beauties for a few days and I thought why not show you and why not dare you to choose a favorite. Common do it. Can you? Are you a “Pattern”, a “Dorian”, a “Gut’s bee” or a “Steve” kind of sunglasses person? Seriously… I cannot. I just want them all. Ok, I might own the “Gut’s bee” but I can see myself being a “Pattern” and a “Dorian” kind of gal. Victor on the other hand wants to keep “The Steve”.

Let me introduce you, if you haven’t already met, Deep Shallow Exposition. 100% handmade sunglasses with premium quality materials, CE approved. Every item is designed and manufactured (exclusively) in Athens, Greece by Elisabeth Leau.

“DSE is an umbrella/ platform/ motherly hug created under the pretext to embrace all the creative people. So don’t judge, don’t try to find the deeper meaning. We are a Carousel, come and join us for a unique encounter. Take a deep breath and enjoy it! Stay deep shallow with us!”

So, as a creative person that I am I will post some nice outfit posts in the near future. Stay tuned or go to the beach. Sticking my tongue out.

Kiss. Kiss.

Deep Shallow Exposition Sunglasses

Deep Shallow Exposition Sunglasses

Contact Elizabeth Leau and get your own DSE here or here


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