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Make up for going out

by Xeni Kouveli

So, when you go out, how do you “make up”? And what I mean is this:
Are you the concealer-lipstick-mascara girl?
The contouring girl?
The natural, wear-nada girl?
Or the extreme girl?

This all came to me because the other night I went out for drinks and before that I had a photoshoot with Loula (oh… can’t wait for this one) in which I made myself up a bit extremely and decided to go out like that. It felt nice. I never usually wear too much make-up, I guess I am the consealer-lipstick-marcara girl who tries to be the contouring girl, but when I go out for drinks, I wanna be the extreme girl and make myself up like in the magazines. Eccentric eyeliners, fake eyelashes, sparkles and stuff. Ya know. The great stuff and I believe that it’s a briliant thing to do. Why not? If not now, then when? But, if you’re a bit embarrased to do so, try it gradually when the circumstances apply. For instance, during the holidays. Christmas is very close… Smiley face.

Kiss. Kiss.


Photos on the collage were found on vogue.co.uk and pinterest.com

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