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Military or Sequins?

Military.. no sequins.. Definitely military.. ???

Yesterday afternoon i asked a question to my self.  Which look do you prefer i said. And then i started getting dressed.

So, on one hand we have the Sequins, which have always been my favorite trend, and which can make your look classy and lady-like (well, it always depends on the way you wear them), and on the other hand we have the Militaries (i dont think this word even exists. But anyway, ya know what i mean) which is so cool and everyone can pull it through easily.

But, which one would you choose? I thought that by the end of this post i would have made my decision but, no such luck. The thing is, i love both looks. So i would wear both! Yes, at the same time.

I suppose i should have a conclusion to this matter and my conclusion goes like this: Your look can be totally transformed only by a jacket. Simple as that. One day you can be a lady and another day a general.
Am i the only one who sees the difference in the pictures above? I think so, the lighting in the pictures is not so good.

Also, i just realized something. My outfit is inspired from this Fall’s trends. Wow, my subconscious works well! Red, glitter, military, high waist skirt..

Anyway, i will get back to you on the Fall’s trends. New York’s Fashion week is less than a month away.

What i wore: Zara military jacket (similar) or Zara Sequined Jacket (similar), Urban Outfitters top, Vintage skirt from American Apparel and Isabel Marant shoes.

Have a great weekend, people who read my blog!


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