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Mixed Prints

Thalatta bag - HM Conscious  -Nandel Paris earring

by Xeni Kouveli

Whenever I go shopping I end up buying stuff that are one or two sizes larger. I have a thing. I cannot wear clothes that feel even slightly tight. Well… I guess it depends on the fabric. I also believe that clothes look better when they are a bit bigger. There is another thing I have… I hate trying on clothes in shops. I hate their mirrors, except the ones that make you look incredibly thin and tall. Sticking tongue out. So, I either end up returning them or I am correct and I keep them.

This H&M Conscious dress is way larger than my actual size but I had to keep it since I couldn’t find the smaller size AND I wanted it. Desperately. So, what did I do in order to make it “wearable”? The classic belt around the waist and some slight layering.

Have a great one!
Kiss. Kiss.

p.s. Scroll down for outfit details.

Thalatta bag - HM Conscious  -Nandel Paris earring

Thalatta bag - HM Conscious  -Nandel Paris earring

Thalatta bag - HM Conscious  -Nandel Paris earring

Thalatta bag - HM Conscious  -Nandel Paris earring

H&M Conscious dress, old Sisley blue dress under , Topshop mom jeans, Michael Kors wedges (alternative1, alternative2), Italia Independent sunniesfrom Kokkoris Optics, Nandel Paris earring, Thalatta Cyber Flower clutch.


  • Eleni

    I hate to repeat myself but hey baby you are the epitome of true and unprecedented style that comes in forms of creative layering, mixed pattern skills and generally being gorgeous and awesome.

    May 9, 2014
  • Costume De Rigueur



    May 9, 2014

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