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Mixing Prints - laleh fayaz

Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints on Tinos Island

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Mixing Prints on Tinos Island


Mixing prints can be very easy when you wear LALEH FAYAZ. For a reason, all her amazing printed clothes look beautiful when combined together and I truly love to mix them. So, yes printed long kimono-dress and printed trousers are a GO for me! Especially worn in the picturesque alleys of Volax village on Tinos island!

Kiss, kiss.

Volax village – Tinos island, Greece June 2016
Photos by Loula Levedi

Mixing Prints - laleh fayazMixing Prints - laleh fayazMixing Prints - laleh fayazMixing Prints - laleh fayazlaleh-fayaz-3Most chic handmade leather platforms, Cactus black  Mixing Prints - laleh fayaz



LALEH FAYAZ long kimono and printed trousers
MOST CHIC handmade leather platforms sandals

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