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Most wanted indeed

charlotte olympia

Let’s rob a bank and buy shoes…

My voice should sound like that crazy lady from Sex and the City who started designing bags after a bad break up.. Remember?? no? that’s ok

But, I should say I did got crazy eyes like her, when I saw these beauties and the sentence/subtitle of this post came out of my mouth outloud!

Ι didn’t question, not even for a moment, the circumstances of a robbery or even the way of making one.. I just wanted to own these shoes.
I even had a full story in my mind. I would have been the most wanted shoe thug, but most stylish as well! Smiley face.

Thank God I have some common sense.. and my imagination stops at some point, because my crazyness would have brought me behind bars by now.

Enjoy the shoes.. you deserve it! (You can press on them and they shall transfer you to your own “make-up story”)


rupert sanderson

rupert sanderson

nicholas kirkwood

charlotte olympia

Photos from shoescribe.com and net-a-porter.com


  • I’m in for the gang. Seriously.

    February 7, 2013
  • Name the date and the bank!

    February 8, 2013

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