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Mountain trekking Advice


by Xeni Kouveli

Do not start walking towards the mountain when you are dressed like an Onion.
Do not wear long coats. Do not wear Stan Smiths. Do not wear long scarves.

It’s as simple as that.

In the pictures I was only at the beginning of the ‘Walk’, that’s why I look happy… Unfortunately, I do not have any ‘after’ pictures, because I quit! I let the others continue their ‘fun’ and went back to the fireplace by myself. You could say that I am a quitter but I say that I am a doer! I do not oppress myself in doing things that I do not enjoy.

That’s all. Happy Friday!
Kiss. Kiss.




Zara Coat, grey wool top (similar), white top (similar), Replay boyfriend jeans (similar), Adidas Stan Smiths, Accessorize beanie & gloves, SSE sunnies (similar).


  • Eleni

    don’t know what ya talking’ bout. This seems like the ultimate trekking uniform for the supreme style beings. You are the ultimate style setter babe.

    February 7, 2014
  • Kat de Naoum

    You didn’t enjoy trekking? But why? It looks so fun (*she says from her warm comfy couch, cross legged eating a bag of crisps*). Love the double scarf by the way. Gimme it.

    February 7, 2014

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