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My hump

Outfit post

I hate it

This is what I do, on a very slower version, everytime I realise that I HAVE to stop slouching. I hate my hunch. I just hate it. Foolstop. The purpose of this animated gif is to make me realize how ugly I can look with my hunch in order to stop it! As the moments get by when reading this post this gif is getting tiring.. and I think you’re getting tired as well.. just scroll down.

So.. now that you have scrolled down… Don’t you feel better?
This post is not only about my hunchback. It’s about what I wore on that day. By “that day” I mean the 7th International Athens Tattoo Convention day.

So, there you go. Enjoy the pictures.
Happy Monday… as if any Monday can be happy.

Red pants

Red pants

Red pants


Red men’s Maison Martin Margiela for H&M pants, Zara shirt, DVF sunglasses, Zara espadrilles, Demetriadis earrings (purchased from Hondos Center) and a vintage Valentino bag.


  • Cloudlinechicflows

    My humps my humps my humps my humps! (I totally know how ya feel cause of my hunch I never seem to get rid of.
    Not unlike Joseph K. from Kafka’s The Trial I’ve even come to embrace it as part of my physique.
    (We have to swap stories for back strengthening techniques)
    You’re awesome bestie. End of story.

    May 20, 2013
  • If you have see me more than once then you realize that yes, Iknow what you mean


    May 26, 2013

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